The mission of the Tutoring Center is to assist students in becoming independent learners with an interest in lifelong learning. This work is accomplished through a caring staff of peer and expert tutors dedicated to fostering a positive, respectful, and growth-oriented learning environment. Tutors share their knowledge with students, explaining difficult concepts and serving as a sounding board to illuminate course content, while helping students to develop the critical thinking skills needed to solve their own problems and find their own solutions. Tutors impart encouragement, inspiration, motivation, and confidence, empowering students to successfully complete their courses, and develop their learning and study skills. 

Tutoring Center Online

Use the button below access the appointment system for the Tutoring Center online.  You will be asked to log in using your student ID and MyGateway password. 

Tutoring Center Hours

Summer 2024
June 10 – August 16

In-Person – Room 806 & Online with Zoom
Monday – Thursday
10 am – 6 pm



    Tutoring Center
321 E. Chapman Ave.
Room 806
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 992-7151