Video Resources


Title ASC Tutor Testimonials 
Length  3:03
Date  Jan 14, 2021
Description ASC welcome message and introduction to ASC tutorial services by tutors.



Title Fullerton College ASC Online Informational Video
Length  13:53
Date  Jan 15, 2021
Description Comprehensive walkthrough of ASC online services, narrated by Matt.



Title What is FC MILES?
Length  2:59
Date Dec 15, 2020
Description An overview and introduction to FC Miles  



Title ASC Workshop Video
Length  2:29
Date Sep 25, 2020
Description Learn how to register for ASC Student Success Workshops.



Title ASC Online Tutoring Video
Length  6:56
Date Aug 24, 2020
Description Step by step guide on how to sign up and use ASC Online Tutoring.



Title ASC Online Tutoring Introduction
Length  2:48
Date Jul 23, 2020
Description Introduction to ASC Online Tutoring.



Title Hornets Tutoring
Length  2:06
Date Jul 23, 2020
Description Learn about Fullerton College’s embedded tutor program called Hornets Tutoring.



Title Hornets Tutoring Supports Students
Length  2:26
Date Jan 22, 2020
Description Hornets Tutoring promo video.