Tutoring Services

Online Appointment Tutoring via Zoom

The Fullerton College Tutoring Center provides one-to-one and group tutoring for most subjects and most classes offered at the college. Tutoring is organized through an online scheduling platform. After a short registration process, students can look up classes and make their own 50-minute appointments with faculty-recommended tutors. After each session, students are provided an emailed Client Report Form, which serves as a receipt for attending tutoring and includes a short summary of the work that takes place during the session.

Submit-a-question Tutoring

All tutoring in the Tutoring Center is offered through live sessions via Zoom. However, for certain subject areas students can also submit a question about a specific concept or assignment without meeting on Zoom with a tutor. A qualified tutor will review the question and provide feedback to help the student find their own solutions. We offer this option for Earth Science, Environmental Science, Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, Political Science, Sociology and Women’s Studies. Submit-a-question tutoring is a good option for students who have specific questions or for those who are unable to meet for a live Zoom session.

Online Group Tutoring

Small-group tutoring is available for Foreign Language Tutoring and for Accounting Group Projects.

Each Foreign Language tutoring session accommodates up to three students taking the same language and the same level class. The goal of Foreign Language small-group tutoring is to create a space where students can not only prepare for exams and develop the skills to complete assignments, but also to participate in a community of learners where they can practice speaking, listening, and writing to develop fluency in their language of study.

Accounting Tutoring is typically one-to-one. However, we would also like to support students working on Accounting group projects. As long as one student from the group makes an appointment with a designated Accounting tutor, the other members of the group can join that appointment. For this to work, the student who makes the appointment needs to share the Zoom link with the other members of their group and inform the tutor that the 50-minute session will be dedicated to a group project.