Tutoring Services

Walk-in Tutoring

The Fullerton College Tutoring Center provides a variety of different tutoring services to accommodate the needs of our students. Walk-in tutoring is only available for Accounting, Chemistry, Math, Physics, and Statistics. Appointments can be made for most other subjects.

Walk-in tutoring means that students can come in and work with a tutor for as long as they like without making an appointment. The tutors work with students individually or in small groups.

All walk-in Math/Science tutors can tutor all math classes through Math 150A (Calculus) unless noted. Please let the front desk know if you need help finding a tutor for your class.

Appointment Tutoring

Appointment tutoring for individual and small group tutoring is available for many subjects. To make an appointment at the Tutoring Center, please call (714) 992-7151 at least one day before you need the appointment. Appointments can be made up to one week in advance and we recommend scheduling an appointment several days in advance in order to reserve your spot.

Students are allowed  a single one-hour appointment per week per class, unless they are involved with EOPS or DSS with approval.

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call the Tutoring Center at (714) 992-7151 by 7:00pm the night before your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so counts as a late cancel. Students are allowed three late cancels and/or no shows per semester. Once you have accumulated three late cancels and/or no shows, you will only be able to use walk-in tutoring services.