Tutoring Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does tutoring cost?
The Tutoring Center offers FREE tutoring to students enrolled in classes at Fullerton College, Cypress College, or the School of Continuing Education.

Can I receive tutoring if I am not a Fullerton College student?
If you are not currently enrolled at Fullerton College, Cypress College, or the School of Continuing Education, you cannot use the Tutoring Center services. However, we can provide a private tutoring list of current and former Tutoring Center tutors who are available to tutor individuals in the community. The list is provided as a resource to the community and the Tutoring Center is not involved with scheduling private tutoring appointments.

What do I need to bring with me to use the Tutoring Center?
To use the Tutoring Center services, you must bring your current student ID card and scan in and out. You should also bring your textbook, class notes, and any other class materials that would help you during your tutoring session.

What if I need tutoring in a subject that is not listed on the appointment tutoring schedule?
Please come to the Tutoring Center and complete a Tutoring Request Form. Once you complete that form, we will begin the process of finding a qualified tutor. Most of the time we can request a tutor from the instructor; however, there is no guarantee. The process usually takes approximately three to four weeks because of the application process and district approval procedures. Please be patient and the Tutoring Center staff will keep you updated and inform you when we have found a qualified tutor. While we are working to find a tutor, we recommend that you see your instructor during his/her office hours and/or form a study group.

What are the credentials of the Tutoring Center tutors?
Our tutors are faculty recommended and have received an A or B in the classes they are tutoring. Every tutor is trained according to the guidelines of the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) tutor training certification. Tutor credentials may also include: Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, teaching credentials, and/or extensive teaching or professional experience.

How do I become a tutor?
In order to be a Tutoring Center tutor you must have: an A or a B in the class you would like to tutor, a 2.7 overall GPA, and a faculty recommendation. The tutoring application is available at the Tutoring Center reception desk in Room 806. Applications are accepted at any time and tutors are hired throughout the year as needed. Tutors are hired for both paid and volunteer positions.

Do I have to be a Fullerton College student to become a tutor?
No. We hire tutors who have completed Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees or are attending other colleges. However, we give preference to current Fullerton College students who have taken the specific class for which they have applied to tutor.