ASC Math Success Program

(formerly called FC MILES)

FC MILES Fall 2021 Flyer

What is the Math Success Program?

The Math Success Program is a FREE math program designed to strengthen your math skills and support your math course! This is a non-credit experience to provide you with extra support exactly when you need it. We are a community of learners participating in math practice on ALEKS online math software, weekly drop-in tutoring sessions, and online faculty-led math workshops. Courses supported year round are MATH 100 (Liberal Arts Math), 120/121 (Intro to Probability and Statistics), 141/143 (College Algebra), and 142/144 (Trigonometry). Calculus and Business Calculus (MATH 151/130) are supproted in winter and summer boot camps only. Math content for CHEM 107 is also supported. 

Fall and Spring Math Success Program

The Math Success Program for fall and spring is designed to support the math course that you are taking the same semester.  For fall and spring, you will work on ALEKS math software in your own time for 2 hours per week, attend at least one drop-in tutoring session per week, and complete 3 online workshops during the semester. 

Winter and Summer Boot Camps

The Math Success Program Boot Camps in the winter and summer are designed to prepare you for the math course you are enrolled in the following semester. In the Boot Camps, you will work on ALEKS math software either in our lab in person or with tutors present over our Zoom hours, and complete at least one online workshop for each week of the boot camp.


Winter 2023

Dates and Times:
January 3-6 & 9-12 from 10am-1pm daily
In-person & remote tracks available
Orientations: Tuesday, January 3, 10am-1pm in-person and 2-5pm on Zoom
Deadline to Apply: Friday, December 16, 2022


Spring 2023

Dates: January 30 – May 13, 2023
Deadline to Apply: Sunday, January 29, 2023
More info to come!


FALL 2022

Dates: August 29-December 3
Late Start Deadline to Apply: Wednesday, September 21
Drop-in tutoring Times:
Monday 1-4pm (on campus & remote)
Thursday 2-5pm (on campus & remote)
Friday 1-4pm (remote only)
Saturday 11am-2pm (remote only)

ASC Math Success Program
Fullerton College
321 E Chapman Ave., Room 801B
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 992-7168
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