Online Tutoring Support

Sometimes students encounter difficulties when trying to access online campus resources.  Below is some support, guides and frequently asked questions about Online Tutoring.

If you encounter any problems or difficulties not answered in these guides, please contact us at:

Chat: (Use chat box on bottom of page)

Use the Links Below for Online Tutoring Support
1st Time Registration for ASC Online Tutoring

Registration for ASC Online Tutoring should be simple and straightforward.

After clicking the ASC Online Tutoring button, you should be presented with a MyGateway Login

Once you provide your student ID and valid NOCCCD MyGateway password, you will be sent to a registration page that has your preferred email input.  We ask that you complete the registration form and click submit at the bottom.

Be sure to fill out your: First and Last name, Phone number (used for appointment reminders only), Language preference, Major and Student ID

ASC Online Tutoring - Login Difficulty (Fullerton College Forms Server Message)

Occasionally, the network has difficulty re-directing you to the correct ASC Online schedule page.  This is due to technical issues such as: cached pages, expired cookies and old MyGateway login sessions.  

If you see the following page after trying to access ASC Online Tutoring, simply click on the link that says Academic Support Center Online.  You should be redirected to a MyGateway Login page again or straight to the ASC Online schedule page.

** If you find that you seem to be repeating the steps of logging into MyGateway, seeing this page again, then clicking on a link to Academic Support Online and then going back to the MyGateway login and continuously repeating, please let us know by sending an email to:


Alternatively, if you have logged into ASC Online previously and did not log out, you may encounter a different Fullerton College Forms Server message.  This is simply a page that logs you out of the ASC Online Tutoring site.  Just click on the link in the middle of the page to login again.