Skills Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can use the Skills Center?
Any student enrolled in classes at Fullerton College, Cypress College, or the School of Continuing Education can use the Skills Center for academic skills development.

Do I need an appointment to use the Skills Center?
No. You may drop in during any of our open hours as long as you are not supposed to be in class.

May I use the Skills Center computers to type an essay, do homework, and/or use the Internet?
The Skills Center is primarily a skills development lab, but all currently enrolled students of the district are welcome to use our resources to quietly work on their academic studies. We recommend that you use one of the other computer labs on campus or the library to work on group assignments or just to leisurely surf the web for non-academic purposes.

May I use the Skills Center if my class is cancelled?
No. You must wait until your scheduled class time is over before you scan into the Skills Center.

How long may I work in the Skills Center?
You may work in the Skills Center for up to two hours. Once you have reached the two hour time limit, you must scan out and take a break. You may then scan back in and continue working on your lab assignment.

What should I bring with me when I come to the Skills Center?
You must bring your student ID card, your materials check out card, and your lab contract or assignment sheet.

What classes require Weekly Arranged Lab Hour (WALH) attendance?
Students enrolled in ESL 76, ESL 78, ESL 83, ESL 184, ESL 185, and 190 classes must fulfill a minimum weekly 50 minute arranged lab time requirement.

If I am enrolled in a class that requires WALH attendance, can I receive credit for using the Skills Center  outside of the scheduled WALH times?
No. You may only receive lab attendance credit if you attend lab during the scheduled WALH hours.

If I stay in the Skills Center for longer than the 50 minute WALH requirement one week, can I carry the extra time over to the next week?
No. You must attend lab for 50 minutes each week. If you need to complete an assignment you are always welcome to stay in the lab, but you will not receive any additional lab time credit.

Can I fulfill my WALH time requirement if I am scheduled to be in another class on campus?
No. You can only receive lab time credit if you are NOT scheduled to be another class on campus. This applies even if one of your classes is let out early or cancelled. Please see a lab instructor or a member of the Skills Center staff if you have any questions about this policy.