Math Institute for Learning Enhancement Success

What is FC MILES?

FC MILES is a FREE online math success program designed to strengthen your math skills and support your math course! This is a non-credit, self-paced experience to provide you with extra support exactly when you need it. We are a community of learners participating in math practice on ALEKS online math software, weekly drop-in Zoom tutoring sessions, and online faculty-led math workshops. Classes supported are MATH 40, 100, 120, 129, 141, and 142. MATH 151 is supported in winter and summer boot camps only.

Fall and Spring FC MILES Program

The FC MILES program for fall and spring is designed to support the math course that you are taking the same semester.  For fall and spring, you will work on ALEKS math software in your own time for 2 hours per week, attend at least one drop-in tutoring session per week, and attend 3 online workshops during the semester. 

Winter and Summer FC MILES Boot Camps

The FC MILES Boot Camps in the winter and summer are designed to prepare you for the math course you are enrolled in the following semester. In the Boot Camps, you will work on ALEKS math software in your own time for 4 hours per week, attend at least two drop-in tutoring sessions per week, and attend 1 online workshop for each week of the boot camp.


FC MILES Summer 2021 Boot Camps

June 14 – July 8
Deadline to Apply: Sunday, June 13 (late applications accepted!)
Orientations: Monday, June 14 at 10AM & 3PM
*You can start in Boot Camp 1 and continue in FC MILES through August 5.

July 12 – August 5
Deadline to Apply: Sunday, July 11 (late applications accepted!)
Orientations: Monday, July 12 at 10AM & 3PM

Monday 1-4PM
Tuesday 10AM-1PM
Wednesday 10AM-1PM
Thursday 1-4PM




Services Provided

ALEKS Online Software

Computer/Laptop Access

Tutoring Support

Success Workshops

Math Skills Confidence

Academic Success!!


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For more information about this program, please contact the FC MILES office:

Fullerton College Math Institute for Learning Enhancement Success (FC MILES)

(714) 992-7168