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Annotation: Conversations with Text - Room 808A

April 5

When it comes to reading actively, annotating – making notes as you read – is one of the most effective and important strategies available. It can be easy, too, just like having a conversation with someone! This workshop will give you strategies for annotating as you read, which will help you when you review your reading or prepare for an important post-reading assignment.

Presented by: Ashley Peters
This workshop will take place: in 808A

To register for a Writing Center Workshop:

1. Sign in using the link below to access ASC Online with your MyGateway login. Fill out the registration form if it’s your first time. Note:  Only currently enrolled students may log in and attend a workshop.
2. From the drop-down menu at the top, select “Student Success Workshops”.
3. You will see the name of the workshop on the left side and a white box for the time of the workshop on the schedule.
4. Click on the white box and fill out the form to register for the workshop.

When it’s time to attend the workshop:

1. Head over to Writing Center Workshop room 808A, located in the back of the Library building
2. Check in with front desk staff
Late attendees may not be admitted into the workshop so please plan to arrive early.

Room 808A

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