Student Athlete Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time do I need to spend in the INCITE Program each week?
Two hours (120 minutes) is the INCITE Program weekly requirement.

Which labs can I use to fulfill the INCITE Program time requirement?
You may accumulate minutes in INCITE Study Hall, the Tutoring Center, the Math Lab, the Writing Center, the Skills Center, the Music Lab, and the Adaptive Computer Lab. Student-athletes must abide by the rules of each lab. Please see the INCITE staff if you have any questions.

When is INCITE Study Hall open?
Current INCITE Study Hall hours can be found on the INCITE home page. The listed hours are subject to change each semester.

Where is the INCITE Study Hall located?
INCITE Study Hall is located in Room 808A during morning hours and in Room 801C during afternoon/evening hours.

What should I bring with me to study hall?
Your student ID card, homework assignments, textbooks, writing utensils, a positive attitude, and anything else you may need to complete your work.

What is a progress check?
A progress check is a form you will be asked to take to your instructors once or twice each semester. Each instructor will make a note of your progress and number of absences. You will return the completed progress check form to the INCITE staff and they will send a report to your coaches.

What happens if I do not complete my weekly time requirement and/or do poorly on my progress checks?
The INCITE staff sends weekly reports to your coaches. If you fail to fulfill your weekly time requirement and/or are not doing well on the progress checks, your coaches will enforce any consequences.