INCITE Student Athlete Code of Conduct

The INCITE Academic Support for Student Athletes Program was established to support and enhance your educational success at Fullerton College. We are here to assist you. In order to get the most out of the program, you must agree to the following guidelines:

  1. I will present my student ID card upon entering Study Hall.
  2. I will come to Study Hall prepared and with enough work to keep me busy for the duration of my time in Study Hall.
  3. I will check with the staff on duty if I need to leave the area. I understand that I must return within a reasonable amount of time or I will be signed out.
  4. I will show respect to other student athletes, tutors, and staff. This means no loud talking, no music, no food, no cell phones, and no wandering around the Study Hall areas.
  5. I will attend a minimum of two hours per week in any of the following centers: Adaptive Computer Lab, Math Lab, Music Lab, Skills Center, Study Hall, Tutoring Center, or Writing Center.
  6. I will attend a minimum of two Incite workshops each semester.
  7. I will only use the computer for academic purposes.

I understand that if I violate any portion of the code of conduct, I will be asked to leave the Study Hall area and my coach will be contacted.